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"In his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming..." - English translation of Aklo verse

This article is written on a topic within the Greater Cthulhu Mythos based on information from works in the Mythos. By default, all information is to be assumed to derive from the Lovecraft Myth Cycle unless otherwise marked.

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"The dark form ran toward him with incredible swiftness. When it came near he saw that there was a kind of face on the squat ebon body, low down amid the several-jointed legs. The face peered up with a weird expression of doubt and inquiry; and terror crawled through the veins of the bold huntsman as he met the small, crafty eyes that were circled about with hair."
-Clark Ashton Smith, The Seven Geases


"The Spider God", Atlach-Nacha resembles a giant spider with a human-like face. It dwells in a cave system beneath Mount Voormithadreth, in the now extinct Arctic kingdom of Hyperborea. There, it spins a great web, forming a great bridge between the Dreamlands and the waking world. It is believed that when the web is complete, the end of the world will come.

Trivia Edit

  • In FromSoftware's video game Bloodborne there is a boss called Rom the vacuous spider, who, besides her face, looks very similar to how Atlach-Nacha is described.
  • In the Doom megawad Strange Aeons, the Spinner in Darkness is revealed to be the primary antagonist, tricking the player character into traveling across the Dreamlands to free it from its prison.

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