• Лорд Мерлин

    Later will be translate to English

    Панин Никита aka Witcher_Merlin
    Посвящается памяти
    Говарда Филипса Лавкрафта

    У берегов Канады в Беринговом Проливе находился омываемый холодными и безжалостными ледяными водами остров, носящий труднопроизносимое название – Кхататоте.
    На самом острове возведен город, полный скрытных и необщительных людей, людей самодостаточных и отчужденных от мира. Казалось, все то время что существует Тшамбоэ, его жители старались отгородиться от окружающего мира, полностью погрузившись в свой собственный быт.
    Не тревожимый долгие годы город десять лет назад попал под внимание внешнего мира,  причиной стала та самая странность, что кружила вокруг острова.

    На каменистых пляжах западного побережья Северной Америки ж…

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  • Rafe Adler

    I am mostly new to the Cthulhu Mythos/Lovecraft works and have only read a few so far. I have recently started At the Mountains of Madness and I heard that Guillermo Del Toro was working on a film version, but that it has been in development hell. I just wanted to ask if anybody knows any news or updates on if he is still working on the film or is the project cancelled?

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  • Hastur the God Damn Unspeakable

    Today I have created a Discord channel called Cthulhu's Little Edgelords. It's in early developement but it works. If you want in on the channel just message me on my wall and I'll happily invite you. Just make sure you READ THE RULES so that my job as admin is just a little bit easier.

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  • BeyonderGodOmnipotent

    So comment your favorite characters within the series.

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  • Mastersonmcvoidson

    I realy want to know (If anyone sees this)  who are the best characters from the lovecraft works.

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  • Mastersonmcvoidson

    Lack of pages

    December 11, 2015 by Mastersonmcvoidson

    I was on this wiki for a while now and i noticed that there is a lot of stub articles and non-existing pages.

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  • Hastur the God Damn Unspeakable

    got banned on the subnautic wiki because my name has a curse word in it. i'm probably going to change that. now you maybe asking why in the name azathoth is this waste of wiki space here? well because 1. I'm stupid and shouldn't be allowed to blog 2. because I don't know how to delete it. I'm sorry

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  • LoreDudeRoth

    Wikis have become the primary repository for knowledge on just about every topic imaginable. But the H.P. Lovecraft Wiki has been largely unused.

    Consider the following statistics: The Marvel Comics wiki has 146,928 pages, The Star Wars wiki has 121,472 pages, The Dr. Who wiki has 47,544 pages, The Game of Thrones wiki has 2,961 pages. The Lovecraft wiki has 387 pages. Is it possible there are so few H.P. Lovecraft fans? Certainly not! There are more fans of the Cthulhu Mythos now than ever in history. With new board games, t-shirts, hats, and even plush dolls released every year, Lovecraft fandom is at an all time high.

    So how can you help? Tell your podcast listeners, your blog followers, your twitter followers, and anyone who will listen …

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  • LoreDudeRoth

    I'm struggling to figure out the best way to categorize the various relationships of articles to the Mythos.

    There are the following basic conceptual categories that remain to be implemented/ironed out:

    • --IN UNIVERSE--Fictional people, places, and things that appear in the various "canonical" Mythos stories/novels/etc.
    • --OUT OF UNIVERSE--Writers and authors of works in the "canon" of the Mythos
    • --OUT OF UNIVERSE--People, places, and stories that have been influenced by the Mythos
    • --OUT OF UNIVERSE--Writers, authors, and stories that have shaped and influenced the Mythos, but are not considered Mythos works
    • --META-UNIVERSAL--There is the problem of certain writers and stories themselves. The meta-universe that is the Mythos sometimes has included…
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  • LoreDudeRoth

    I've created a short "to do" list at H.P. Lovecraft Development "To Do" list. Feel free to add to it and let me know if there is anything you want to work on.

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  • LoreDudeRoth

    Still working to develop a unified style guide for the articles.

    I've created a base template for Characters, Gods and Entities that I'm pretty pleased with: Manual of Style/Character or Entity.

    I still need to create one for Authors, Races, Locations, Objects, and Stories/Books.

    I've created a development template with the template tag to denote migrated content that needs unlinking and correction.

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  • Seraph of Flame

    Hello, all! I was first brought to attention about the Cthulhu Mythos through a book series known as Johannes Cabal. And now, I bring that series to your attention. The series is by Jonathan L. Howard, and is filled with dark humor and references to Lovecraft everywhere (especially in the third book Johannes Cabal: The Fear Institute, which actually takes place in Lovecraft's Dreamlands). I'm severely recommending it to you all, as it's a brilliant series, with amazing characters. The first book, Johannes Cabal: The Necromancer, can probably be found at your local library, or on Amazon here.

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  • LoreDudeRoth

    Tony Sokol at fills us in with everything leaked so far on the upcoming season of True Detective.

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  • Scarkrow56

    A Memo of Madness

    June 26, 2014 by Scarkrow56

    To: All management level priests from the American sects of The Cult Which Has Never Died Inc.

    From: The High priest of Cthulhu, who speaks on behalf of the Mad Arab" Abdul Alhazred.

    Date: On the first equinox after the “right alignment of the Stars.”

    Subject: Audit of Madness Preparations.


    Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.

    The Time has arrived for the Audit of Madness. We will have the first pre-audit planning meeting on Monday the 16th at the meeting hall located under the 3rd ritual orgy grounds in Louisiana (just outside of New Orleans.)

    This memorandum is to remind all attendees of the topics we will cover during the meeting & which Documents, Notes, Rites & Ritual sacrifices you need to have prepared prior to attending.

    • ·      …
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  • Lord Dalek

    Hey guys, I'm just leaving this here, just in case anyone wants to take a peek. It's a HPL based Role-Play wiki. Role-playing is a scoial activity in which multiple people create false personas for themselves and act as if they were that persona.

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  • Lord Dalek


    November 6, 2013 by Lord Dalek

    In finding this wiki, I have made it my personal promise to do my best with what knowledge of Lovecraft I have to improve and maintain this wiki. I will attempt to bring others with me on this quest, and my goal is to make this wiki the #1 best Lovecraft and Lovecraft-related online site we can make it. I don't care about adminship or power here, I just want to see this site cleaned up and come back to life. 

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  • Of Doom! Productions

    Hello There! Are you or your readers fan of the dark or macabre? Do you enjoy geeky stuff as much as we do? Or maybe you just really like spooky, cool stuff!?

    Well, Have I got an announcement for you!

    We at ...Of Doom! Productions have the honor and privilege to present "Pickman's Model". This dark story, written by the literary genius H.P. Lovecraft, is a chilling tale about how things may not always be as they seem. To the millions of readers who enjoy his works, Pickman's Model is considered one of his greatest. Lovecraft deftly portrays the characters of Pickman (an artist with a demented sense of style, and a dark secret.), and Thurber (one of his greatest appreciators, whom soon finds himself in an horrifying situation.), allowing the …

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  • Rpgcasey

    The Lies of Truth

    January 29, 2012 by Rpgcasey

    This night is a night few will remember, nevertheless it is a crucial evening. Tonight I die. No longer do the thumps of passion save me. No longer will the taste of grand foods sustain me. Money, money is useless now. All my years I collected and hoarded it, uselessly for this moment. For what? To barter with Death herself? No.

    What are the words? 'Once upon a midnight dreary,' what a phrase. How true it rings now. By all circumstances this is a perfect night to die. There is a soft chill wind at my window. Out into that dark void there is no happenstance of thunder and lightning, only snow, only stars, isn't that odd.

    This house, this grandiose place is filled with too many memories, a ghost of a ghost. Long ago my name was Daniel Walter, …

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