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"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown." - H.P. Lovecraft

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Brian Lumley (born 2 December 1937) is an English horror-fiction writer and a major contributor to the Cthulhu Mythos inventing a number of new Great Old Ones, Elder Gods, grimoires, and mythos locations.

Early on in his career Lumley corresponded with August Derleth and wrote two collections for Arkham House, The Caller of the Black (1971) and The Horror at Oakdeene and Others (1977).

The bulk of Lumley's mythos can be divided into three main series, one featuring the occult investigator Titus Crow, another one of stories taking place in Lovecraft's Dreamland and the Primal Land stories taking place in ancient Theemd'hdra.

Lumley later achieved mainstream success with the Necroscope and Psychomech books.

List of Lumley's Mythos materialEdit

  • "Cement Surroundings"
  • "The Sister City"
  • "The Statement of Henry Worthy"  
  • "The Horror at Oakdeene"  
  • "Born of the Winds" 
  • "The Fairground Horror" 
  • "The Taint" 
  • "Rising with Surtsey" 
  • "The House of the Temple" 
  • "Haggopian" Deep Ones 
  • "The Night Sea-Maid Went Down" 
  • "Aunt Hester" 
  • "The Kiss of Bugg-Shash"  
  • "What Dark God?"  
  • "Dagon's Bell"  
  • "The Thing from the Blasted Heath"  
  • "The Second Wish" 
  • "The Hymn"  
  • "Synchronicity or Something" 
  • "The Statement of One John Gibson" 
  • "Cthaat Aquadingen"  
  • "The Cypress Shell" 

Titus Crow SeriesEdit

  • "Inception"
  • "Lord of the Worms" 
  • "The Caller of the Black" Yibb-Tstll 
  • "The Viking’s Stone" 
  • "The Mirror of Nitocris" 
  • "An Item of Supporting Evidence" 
  • "Billy’s Oak" 
  • "Darghud’s Doll" 
  • "De Marigny’s Clock" 
  • "Name and Number" 
  • "The Black Recalled" 


  • The Burrowers Beneath (1974)
  • The Transition of Titus Crow (1975)
  • The Clock of Dreams (1978)
  • Spawn of the Winds (1978)
  • In the Moons of Borea (1979)
  • Elysia (1989)

Primal Land SeriesEdit

  • "The House of Cthulhu"
  • "Tharquest and the Lamia Orbiquita" 
  • "Mylakhrion the Immortal" (1977) 
  • "How Kank Thad Returned to Blur-Esh" (1977)  
  • "Cryptically Yours..." (1977) 
  • "The Sorcerer's Dream" (1979)  
  • "Treasure of the Scarlet Scorpion" (1982) 
  • "Introduction (The House of Cthulhu)" (1984)  
  • "Isles of the Suhm-Yi" (1984) 
  • "Told in the Desert" (Fall 1984) 
  • "Curse of the Golden Guardians" (1984) 
  • "The Sorcerer's Book" (1984) 
  • "Lords of the Morass" (1984) 
  • "The Wine of the Wizard" (1984) 
  • "Kiss of the Lamia" (1985) 
  • "To Kill a Wizard!" (1988) 
  • "In the Temple of Terror" (1997) 
  • Sorcery in Shad (1991)

Dreamland SeriesEdit

  • "Dylath Leen" (1971)
  • Hero of Dreams (1986)
  • Ship of Dreams (1986)
  • Mad Moon of Dreams (1987)
  • Iced on Aran (1992)