Frank H. Pabodie is a fictional character created by H. P. Lovecraft, who makes his first appearance in the 1936 novel At the Mountains of Madness. He is a member of Miskatonic University's engineering department, and the inventor of a drill "unique and radical in its lightness, portability, and capacity... to cope quickly with strata of varying hardness," used in the disastrous Pabodie Expedition to Antarctica in 1930–31. He also added "fuel-warming and quick-starting devices" to the expedition's four aircraft.[1] Lovecraft wrote of the name "Pabodie", "I chose it as a name typical of good old New England stock, yet not sufficiently common to sound conventional or hackneyed." It's an alternative spelling of "Peabody", a name Lovecraft was familiar with through the Peabody Museum in Salem.[2]


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