This is an article about the poem. For the species, see Mi-go.

Fungi from Yuggoth is a sonnet sequence by supernatural horror writer H. P. Lovecraft that constitute a continuous first-person narrative. It concerns a person who obtains an ancient book of esoteric knowledge that allows one to travel to other planets and strange parts of the universe. The title is a term for the Mi-go, an alien race the narrator encounters, which are fungoid beings resembling crustaceans which hail from the planet Yuggoth, to which the narrator has unwittingly traveled.


I. The BookEdit

II. PursuitEdit

III. The KeyEdit

IV. RecognitionEdit

V. HomecomingEdit

VI. The LampEdit

VII. Zaman's HillEdit

VIII. The PortEdit

IX. The CourtyardEdit

X. The Pigeon-FlyersEdit

XI. The WellEdit

XII. The HowlerEdit

XIII. HesperiaEdit

XIV. Star-WindsEdit

XV. AntarktosEdit

XVI. The WindowEdit

XVII. A MemoryEdit

XVIII. The Gardens of YinEdit

XIX. The BellsEdit

XX. Night-GauntsEdit

XXI. NyarlathotepEdit

XXII. AzathothEdit

XXIII. MirageEdit

XXIV. The CanalEdit

XXV. St. Toad'sEdit

XXVI. The FamiliarsEdit

XXVII. The Elder PharosEdit

XXVIII. ExpectancyEdit

XXIX. NostalgiaEdit

XXX. BackgroundEdit

XXXI. The DwellerEdit

XXXII. AlienationEdit

XXXIII. Harbour WhistlesEdit

XXXIV. RecaptureEdit

XXXV. Evening StarEdit

XXXVI. ContinuityEdit