Behold! The Stars Are Right!Edit

The contributors to this Wikia are excited to have help in moving forward to pushing the Lovecraft Wiki to the next level.

You may have noticed the aesthetic improvements being made in the last month and I'm sure all of you have contributions to make as well.

Unholy TasksEdit

There are so many things that need done it may drive you to insanity, but steel yourself for this task of Cyclopean proportions!

Manual of StyleEdit

See: Manual of Style

The content of this wiki and that which will be added in the future will be written by contributors, but also migrated from other wikis with share-alike content. As such there are currently wide discrepancies in terms of how articles are organized, how they are written, and how they are referenced. This will be developed. Please feel free to use the talk page to suggest changes and share ideas.


Cthulhu help us! Categories are scarce to non-existent. This would be a very easy task, there's even some automation if you start from the right place.

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