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Mordiggian (“The Charnel God”, “The Great Ghoul”). A Great Old One, worshipped by several human cults as a kind of symbol of Death. This name is used in Zothique, Man's last continent, and it is entirely possible that this gigantic creature is the same as Shaurash-Ho, although the name might go back to medieval France, and be a corruption of the Latin “Mortician” (to do with the dead). May be identical to Cynothoglys. He would seem to be the main subject of The Ghoul's Manuscript and Cults des Gouls.

Mordiggian was created by Clark Ashton Smith for the non-Mythos Zothique tale “The Charnel God”. Scott D. Aniolowski made a explicit connection with the Mythos in his Rôle Playing material.

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