Reported in an antehuman text to be the “immediate” parent of Cthulhu (Kthulhut) and his race (the Cosmic Octopi). Ptmâk appears to have remained dwelling of Vhoorl and is thus quite obscure. Probably another name for Nug, but is not Yog-Sothoth, which has been erroneously reported to be Cthulhu's father. Logic and simplicity suggests that Ptmâk and Cxaxukluth are the Hyperborean versions of Nug and Yeb.


Ptmâk was created by Clark Ashton Smith in letters to Robert Barlow. Lin Carter attempted to incorporate some of the information into his work.

The actual identity or reliability of the ascribed relationship to Cthulhu is unclear, but the text is written ambiguously, thus: “The immediate parent of Cthulhu and his race (child of Nug) was Ptmâk” — now does that “child of Nug” refer to Ptmâk or to Cthulhu?


Letter text on Eldritch Dark web site [1].

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