The species that proceeded the antehumans to rule the Earth. They first dwelt in Shuggon in Mesozoic times, but when it was destroyed (circa 65 million B.C.E.) they moved first to Elder Valusia (the Thurian Continent), and then small pockets moved all over the world (America being a probable site. However they suffered several defeats when encountering Mankind. Both the goat-spawn and the shoggoths have functioned as their slaves. They had an advanced culture of science and sorcery, and are capable of impersonating any humanoid lifeform at will (a skill they use to infiltrate human sociopolitical systems and thus gain power). Sometimes they are also called “Snake Men”, “Serpent Men” “serpent folk” and, perhaps mistakenly, “Valusians”. Named serpent people include: Ssrhythssaa, Zloigm, Sss'haa, Ssathasaa.

The serent people were invented separately, but almost simultaneously by Robert E.Howard and Clark Ashton Smith; Lovecraft, Lin Carter, and John R. Fultz have all expanded the information. R.Tierney added the goat-spawn and shoggoths in "The Temple of The Abomination" by Howard and Tierney.

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