I'm struggling to figure out the best way to categorize the various relationships of articles to the Mythos.

There are the following basic conceptual categories that remain to be implemented/ironed out:

  • --IN UNIVERSE--Fictional people, places, and things that appear in the various "canonical" Mythos stories/novels/etc.
  • --OUT OF UNIVERSE--Writers and authors of works in the "canon" of the Mythos
  • --OUT OF UNIVERSE--People, places, and stories that have been influenced by the Mythos
  • --OUT OF UNIVERSE--Writers, authors, and stories that have shaped and influenced the Mythos, but are not considered Mythos works
  • --META-UNIVERSAL--There is the problem of certain writers and stories themselves. The meta-universe that is the Mythos sometimes has included its own writers as characters, and its own stories as stories in the fictional universe. ARRGH!

Any thoughts?

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