Wikis have become the primary repository for knowledge on just about every topic imaginable. But the H.P. Lovecraft Wiki has been largely unused.

Consider the following statistics: The Marvel Comics wiki has 146,928 pages, The Star Wars wiki has 121,472 pages, The Dr. Who wiki has 47,544 pages, The Game of Thrones wiki has 2,961 pages. The Lovecraft wiki has 387 pages. Is it possible there are so few H.P. Lovecraft fans? Certainly not! There are more fans of the Cthulhu Mythos now than ever in history. With new board games, t-shirts, hats, and even plush dolls released every year, Lovecraft fandom is at an all time high.

So how can you help? Tell your podcast listeners, your blog followers, your twitter followers, and anyone who will listen about the site. Tell them to create an account and write just one article or contribute one correction. Share this information with other podcasters, bloggers and twitter users that love Lovecraft.

Jumping into the world of wiki can be scary. It’s a digital format that is unfamiliar and uses a type of web coding that is unique, but that is the beauty of wiki! All miskates, I mean mistakes, can be instantly corrected and all content can be polished over time. The wikia motto is “Be Bold!” so I challenge all fans of the wiki to not to shut themselves away like the frozen Dr. Muñoz, but stride forth like the brave Randolph Carter on their own dream-quest to the unknown shore of, your digital Necronomicon!