Hello There! Are you or your readers fan of the dark or macabre? Do you enjoy geeky stuff as much as we do? Or maybe you just really like spooky, cool stuff!?

Well, Have I got an announcement for you!

We at ...Of Doom! Productions have the honor and privilege to present "Pickman's Model". This dark story, written by the literary genius H.P. Lovecraft, is a chilling tale about how things may not always be as they seem. To the millions of readers who enjoy his works, Pickman's Model is considered one of his greatest. Lovecraft deftly portrays the characters of Pickman (an artist with a demented sense of style, and a dark secret.), and Thurber (one of his greatest appreciators, whom soon finds himself in an horrifying situation.), allowing the reader's mind to wander into the dark recesses that exist in all of us. This short story is sure to send shivers down your back, and help you realize your own fears may be waiting for you just around the corner.

At ...Of Doom! we take pride in our attention to detail in translating the timeless, and horrifying tone of the story that Lovecraft painstakingly crafted. Being immense geeks ourselves, we know how horrible it is to see some our favorite works butchered by the Hollywood machine. With that said, the only thing holding us back from bringing this chilling tale to full realization is funding. As such we have begun a Kickstarter campaign!

We are asking the community for a meager $4000 dollars to bring this twisted tale to the silver screen. That's where you can help us out! If you've ever been the underdog, or if you've ever had a dream, I'm sure you've realized that you just need a few people to believe in you. What we're asking from you today is to share our idea with your readership. Any help you can present us would be most appreciated, and perhaps together we can make this dark fantasy of ours into a realization.

We thank you ahead of time for any assistance we might gain from you. And to make the process much easier we have prepared this simple digital press packet. Feel free to share the following link and images on your blog/website/kitchen fridge. And thank you immensely for being so awesome.

Thank you for being so damn awesome!

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