To: All management level priests from the American sects of The Cult Which Has Never Died Inc.

From: The High priest of Cthulhu, who speaks on behalf of the Mad Arab" Abdul Alhazred.

Date: On the first equinox after the “right alignment of the Stars.”

Subject: Audit of Madness Preparations.


Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.

The Time has arrived for the Audit of Madness. We will have the first pre-audit planning meeting on Monday the 16th at the meeting hall located under the 3rd ritual orgy grounds in Louisiana (just outside of New Orleans.)

This memorandum is to remind all attendees of the topics we will cover during the meeting & which Documents, Notes, Rites & Ritual sacrifices you need to have prepared prior to attending.

  • ·         A total count of all very low, mixed-blooded, & mentally aberrant types who have joined your sect.

  • ·         Detailed accounts of any run-ins with Local, State or Federal law enforcement.

  • ·         A list of the uncorrupted ancient bloodlines running through your sect’s leadership.

  • ·         Detailed descriptions of all unholy Rites preformed during the last fiscal quarter.

  • ·         Evidentiary Documentation for all Contacts with beings of Chaos and Horror. (Include a list of any cultist devoured or driven mad by these encounters.)

  • ·         Annotated photographic evidence of all Ritual human sacrifices, both voluntary and involuntary. (Please provide the signed confession for all sacrificial volunteers.)

  • ·         A binder containing photo copies of all the mad ramblings written by your cultist. (Please organize the ramblings by date, make special note of ramblings from March 1st, March 23rd, & April 2nd.)

  • ·         Prepare a PowerPoint presentation of all “Art” (paintings, carvings, etching, Etc.) of a “dream inspired” nature. Bring the actual art when possible, for items that are too large for transportation, an annotated photo will suffice. (Photos can also be used for art made of a temporary material, I.E. Ice, Human flesh, Etc.)

  • ·         Prior to attending all Priests must perform the Rite of Blood & Fire as detailed in the “Rites of the mad gods” section of the Necronomicon.

All sect leaders are expected to have the above Items completed in full; failure to comply with these requests will result in imprisonment within the caverns under Innsmouth; where you will await your eventual transformation into Chum for the servants of Dagon.

Falsifying any of the documentation will result in you being given over to the Whateley’s of Dunwich for them to do with you as they please.

We look forward to a smooth and efficient Audit, followed by a glorious destruction!

Thank you & Cthulhu Fhtagn!


High priest, Howard Phillips L.

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