Vampires were sustained by the blood or lifeforce of a human. Their origins as a species are largely unknown.

While Lovecraft's work is often focused on the undead such as the Hound, vampires themselves are never featured. Other contributers of the Cthulhu mythos, however, have used these creatures in their stories.

Among those are:

  • Star Vampires from "The Shambler from the Stars" by Robert Bloch
  • Flame Vampires and their Lord Fthagghua from "The Fire Vampires" by Donald Wandrei
  • Nioth-Korghai, the Space Vampires from "The Space Vampires" by Colin Wilson
  • Seekers, the Shadow-Vampires from "The Abyss" by Robert A.W. Lowndes
  • Mind Parasites, the Mental Vampires from "The Mind Parasites" by Colin Wilson