William Lumley was a late associate of Howard Phillips Lovecraft for whom Lovecraft ghostwrote “The Diary of Alonzo Typer” (1935). Like many of Lovecraft's collaborators, little is known of his life. He is reported to have been from Buffalo, New York, but it is unclear if this was his birthplace.

It is additionally unclear at the seriousness of Lumley's statements, but he is reported to have believed that there was truth behind the mythology created by Lovecraft and his fellow writers. In a 1933 letter to Lovecraft he stated that Lovecraft and his collaborators were “genuine agents of unseen Powers in distributing hints too dark and profound for human conception or comprehension.”[1]

While there has been confusion, there is no relation between William Lumley and Brian Lumley, another horror writer and contributor to the Mythos.


Short fiction


  • The Dweller (1934)
  • Shadows (1934)
  • The Elder Thing (1935)



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